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The Boy In The Photograph

 An outstanding Anti-Bullying presentation with a positive focus on empowering pupils with the practical skills and strategies to understand and prevent bullying behaviour and promote wellbeing within School.


Rob's unique approach has credibility with young people because he speaks from the perspective of having experienced bullying as a young person himself. 

The presentation begins with Rob's live theatre performance: 'The Boy In The Photograph' and is followed by an interactive workshop which addresses the following themes:

  • Developing empathy for others - how bullying feels and the effects it can have on a person. 

  • Understanding the difference between banter and inappropriate comments. Practical skills & strategies for responding to bullying. 

  • How to change your behaviour if you have been or are a 'bully.'

  • How to empower yourself, build confidence, self-esteem and resilience if you are or have been bullied.

  • Cyber Bullying and managing online behaviour.

  • The Power of being a 'Defender' bystander- practical things all children can do to challenge situations that don't feel right.


Each presentation lasts one hour and is typically presented to 1-2 year groups per session or a maximum of 200 pupils per talk.


Target Audience:

Two versions of The Boy In The Photograph are available and Rob's Presentation is age appropriate for Year 5-6 Prep School and Year 7 to Year 13 Senior School.

Use Your Voice To Change The World

Public speaking takes courage - sustained courage if its a requirement of your chosen career and being able to speak effectively is such a valuable skill.

This presentation is inspired by my 20+ years experience as a professional speaker and comedy performer in varied settings, including thousands of talks in schools, at educational conferences, formal events and comedy clubs and festivals.

The presentation is highly practical - with performing and writing exercises to develop the confidence to speak well in any setting, whether that be in School, University, Interview, Social or Professional setting.

Use Your Voice To Change The World covers three main areas:

FINDING YOUR VOICE - Looking at the context and aims of your speech. 

CREATING A PRESENTATION - Practical written and performance exercises for creating a presentation.

PRESENTATION AS A PERFORMANCE - Confidence building and practical skills for delivering excellence. 

Use Your Voice To Change The World is available for both School and Corporate Audiences.


Need Something Else?

If you need a talk on a specific subject or tailored for a specific audience let me know!

Please email to make an enquiry.

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